Trump Calls for Investigation into COVID Jab

The Biden Regime is rolling out yet another COVID jab.

On the heels of a new COVID jab rollout by the Biden Administration, Donald Trump demanded big pharma release their real data and all information regarding the COVID jabs. Trump is the only presidential candidate who has made this demand.

Trump called on big pharma to release all data about the COVID jabs, saying, “Well, they should do that[Vax companies release the data], you know, we’re all in this together and they should be doing that, and frankly, anything new and I hadn’t heard what he said yet but anything new has got to be looked at very carefully,”

Trump continued calling on big pharma to release all known facts on the jab, “But they should be doing that, If they have facts, the facts are public, they should be made public immediately. People should understand that and they should know what research is showing and what factfinding is.”

Trump ended his comments by stating big pharma has an obligation to be honest to the American people. “They have an obligation to be honest and if they are going to hold back, that means they’re holding back something that’s not good. So it’s good for them to be honest and people are going to understand that they have to be honest and any information they have to release it.”

Trump is the only presidential candidate promising medical freedom. Trump previously pledged to defund any school k- college that has a mask or vax mandate. Trump has also promised to investigate big pharma to see if their products are causing diseases such as Autism.

Trump recently released a video calling out the Biden Administration for attempting to bring back COVID in order to make mass mail-in voting a thing again. Trump called on Americans not to comply with any future Biden COVID regulations.

Trump’s latest demand on the vax is bound to scare globalists even more about the prospects of Trump’s reelection.


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